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The Blue Mosque - Islamic Building Blocks Set the Sultan Ahmed Mosque

The Blue Mosque - Islamic Building Blocks Set the Sultan Ahmed Mosque

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Introducing the "Blue Mosque in  Istanbul" The World's First educational Islamic building block set by Muslim Blocks®, a meticulously crafted  architectural representation of one of Turkey's most iconic structures.

This set lets you delve into the heart of Ottoman-era architectural magnificence, offering an immersive building experience.

Islamic Historical Accuracy 

Our "Blue Mosque in Istanbul" set captures the authentic architectural nuances of the original mosque. It features cascading domes and six towering minarets, designed to resonate with the mosque's historical elegance.

Top-Quality Materials

Manufactured using robust interlocking blocks, our set stands for resilience and durability. The blocks come in various shades, mirroring the original hues of the mosque. 

Beyond Building - An Islamic Educational Journey

Constructing the "Blue Mosque in Istanbul" introduces you to the glorious history of Ottoman architecture and Islamic art, fostering cultural appreciation and historical curiosity.

A Testament to Faith

Upon assembly, the model emerges as an enthralling display item, suitable for adorning any space in your home or office, and is guaranteed to inspire admiration and awe.

For Enthusiasts and Historians

For fans of building blocks, architecture, or history, this set is a prized addition to their collection, celebrating the architectural marvel of the Blue Mosque.

Moments of Togetherness

Engaging with family in constructing this grand structure promotes shared experiences and collaboration, leading to cherished memories and a sense of achievement.

Piece Count: 715 Blocks

Recommended Age: 4+

Dimensions: 24 x1 2.8 x 15 Cm


The "Blue Mosque in Istanbul" set by Muslim Blocks® showcases the architectural brilliance of Ottoman-era design and history, inviting you to journey through time and admire the detailed craftsmanship of Ottoman design.


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